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Why 'Images of Winter'?

Having done primarily film music, and worked on other peoples projects, I am used to having an idea of the project I'm working on.

For this album, I was all alone, with an endless pool of genres, moods and ways to go about creating the album. That's a good thing! But it was also a bit intimidating as I found myself quite lost in the endless possibilities I had. So I decided to find a title for the project, and let that guide me. As I began looking for a title, I came across a series of unfinished classical piano pieces that I had been working on some years back. They were called 'Vinterbilleder' (which is Danish, and translates into 'Images of Winter'), and I found myself coming back to it again and again, until I decided to adopt that title for the album. When I had that, I quickly realized what kind of music I wanted to write, and found myself inspired by the music of Yanni and David Lanz, who were both really important to me when I began composing in the late 90'ies. I added quite a lot of Nordic melancholy and then the compositions were quite easy to find.

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