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* False Flag (2019)

* The Shamer's Daughter II (2019)

* Fodbolddommeren (2018)

* Oskolki (2018)

* Hangover Food (2017)

* The Bride (2017)

* Det Stærkest Barn (2016)

* The Break (2015)

* Negatives (2015)

* Mikado (2014)

* Sværvægter (2014)

* Siria (2013)

* Overgang (2013)

* By The Winter Sea (2012)
* Goodie (2011)
* Fairytale (2009)

* Sanctuary (2008)
* Found (2007)
* Here (2006)

* Jasper & Alberte (2005)
* Spring! (2004)



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To me, writing film music is a very humble experience.

I´ve been allowed to create the sounds, themes, ambience and atmosphere for some one else´s film...
... It´s not MY music, but the directors, and the greatest achievement is watching a him/her respond just the way you hoped he/she would.

True, I´m the one writing all the notes, but  we all work towards one common goal:
Creating the best film possible.

That sense of team-effort isn´t found anywhere else when composing music, and I love the challenge of never knowing what the next project will bring and what type of music it´ll be, yet still being able to deliver.

It can be a nail-biting experience just waiting for feedback from the director, and quite often it´s a long and exhausting process before a cue is completed.
But every once in a while, you recieve that one message that makes it all worth while:
"Jesper, you´re a f...... genius!!"


... I´m really not, but please don´t tell! 

Soundtrack reviews

Goodie (2011) - By Alan Rodgers
By The Winter Sea (2012) - By Alan Rodgers


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By the Winter Sea
By the Winter Sea
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