C L A S S I C A L   M U S I C

Selection of works


* Bagatelle in C for piano

* The Wanderer Suite (piano + orchestra)
* String Quartet no. 1 (A major)

* 5 short piano pieces

* Piano Fantasie no. 1

* 5 Folketoner (piano)

* 3 Lullabies (guitar)



Classical pianist 
Cæcilie Tagmose has

recorded a selection of my piano works in

March 2014.
See the 'media' section for sound 

and video.


* Fantasie no. 1
* 5. short piano pieces

I vividly remember the first time a classical composition caught my attention in a way I´d never experienced before!
It was Beethovens piano sonata no. 14 (Opus 27, no. 2), the third movement to be exact.
I don´t know who performed, but I remember thinking 'how is that possible?! How can anyone write, let alone play, that?!'

Since that day my fascination of the art grew, I began playing piano, and the piano music of Liszt became my biggest catalysist into this world of amazing music.


My love of classical music is as vibrant as ever, and I´m now enjoying a much larger repertoire than my late teens, when it was, above all, the piano music of the great virtuosos that had my attention.


I don´t hear a lot of Liszt, Beethoven, Bach or Chopin in my music. They pop up on occasion, but only for a brief instant. Having said that, I´m sure that I wouldn´t be writing music if it wasn´t for them!

I feel extremely lucky to write music, for the piano especially, that other find joy in playing.
Is there really any greater compliment than recieving an e-mail from a stranger, asking for the sheet music to a piece of music he/she had heard, and now want to learn?