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About Jesper Hansen

Award winning composer from Denmark, specialized in music for film, tv and media.

My music has been used in productions all over the world, and my classical music has been performed in several European countries.

In 2022 I released my first 'non' film music album called Images of Winter.
A new album is planned for January 2025.

Get in touch:
Phone: +45 6024 0707

For more info, visit my profiles at:

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Film, TV, Documentary & Short film

For me, the single best aspect of writing film music, is to be part

of a team who collectively work towards one common goal:
To create the best possible experience for the viewer!

I love the challenge of never knowing what the next project will bring, or where it will take me musically.
Working with directors, editors, sound designers and producers has allowed me compose music that I would never have thought possible without their visions, ideas and creativity. 

Custom made music for commercials.

Post Nord (DK)
Coop (DK)

Gigtforeningen (DK)

Jotun (No)
Polly Peanuts (No)

McDonalds (DK)

Hansen Huse (DK)

First Response (US)

I love writing music for commercials and advertising.

Creating a short piece of music, that not only suits the commercial, but also works with the brand behind it, is always an enjoyable challenge.

Besides the custom made music I've made for these commercials, my production-music has been used in more than 100 countries around the world.

UnderScore Studio

UnderScore Studio is where I compose and write all my music.
Full of state-of-the-art equipment, and located in the countryside of Southern Fynen, it is the perfect place for me to focus.

Big enough to record a quartet, drums, piano etc. it allows me to handle most requirements for a modern film score in-house.

Sustainability is an important issue for me, and my studio is partly powered by solar panels, which makes it extremely CO2 friendly

(when the sun is out).

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